My story


Hello my friends!    My name is Lawrence (some use Larry) Ogden and I am a commercial and fine art photographer who after 25+ years of enjoying much success in my Lambertville NJ based - brick and mortar studio, I have shoved off, down sized and am currently traveling across the US in a small but comfortable motor-home / rolling studio / nyc sized studio apartment on wheels!

I'm taking my vast experience in product photography, industrial photography, location work, architectural photography on the road and will be available to help out with your imaging needs just ... about ... anywhere!

I will also be taking great advantage of my travels across this beautiful country to expand my library of personal work of which are being offered in the 'Prints for Purchase' tab on the tool bar, as well as commercial stock image licensing on request.

Thanks again for visiting .. I encourage and invite you to click thru the site content and then perhaps reach out to me via the contact page. Even if just to say ...'Hi

See you on the road!

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